Teddy's Bear political cartoon

Teddy's bear

Teddy bears are an iconic childhood toy, but would you believe they've been around for just over a century?

Theodore Roosevelt

In 1902, while hunting in Louisiana, some in "Teddy's" group cornered and tied up a bear. They then brought Teddy to the bear so he could kill it. Thinking it was unsportsmanlike to kill a tied up bear, Teddy refused. The political cartoonist, Clifford Berryman, illustrated the story and it ran in the Washington post November 16th (two days after the incident).

That Day Morris Michtom, a candy shop owner (and part time stuffed animal maker), saw the cartoon and decided to create a bear; which he called "Teddy's Bear." (National Park Service)

Eventually Morris secured Teddy Roosevelt's permission to use his nickname, and the bear became popular. Women would carry them around in the same way that some now carry around small dogs. It was even the mascot of Teddy's relection campaign. (Wikipedia)